Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and The Hound of the Baskervilles

Worksheet PDF


Past Simple, Continuous and Perfect

Match the sentences to the verbs:

  1. When he got to the cinema the film had started
  2. While I was shopping I met an old friend
  3. She waited for ten minutes and telephoned again
  4. The student was listening to every word the teacher said
  5. When I got to the cinema the film started

a. Past Perfect b. Past Continuos c. Past Simple

We use the Past Simple to talk about past actions: we use the Past Continuous to talk about something around a past time or action; we use the Past Perfect for things that happened before another past situation.

Worksheet here

Film Review

a. Read the film review and answer the questions. PDF

b. Watch the trailer of the “Theory of Everything”. Select some key words/sentences to describe it.

c. Write your own film review. Follow these steps:

  1. Think of a film you have watched
  2. Make notes for each of the questions in Activity 1
  3. Write a 100 and 150 words review.