Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

a. Have a look at this picture:


b. Write 10 questions to ask your classmates.

c. Use the following linking words to connect your ideas and write a 100 -140 words paragraph comparing the information concerning Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

d. Do a research project and prepare a presentation comparing information about two famous personalities in the IT field (scientists, mathematicians, etc) Follow these steps:

  • Introduction: a welcoming and informative introduction (a positive start: “Good morning,..” ; a statement of what will be discussed: “I am going to explore …” ; a statement of the analysis to be applied to the topic (e.g. to compare, contrast, evaluate, describe): “I will be comparing/contrasting/evaluating/describing the four main principles of …” )
  • Discuss your topic and focus each point of comparison and contrast (“I will begin by discussing …” ; “Now that we have explored the … I would like to move on to …” ; “In contrast to my earlier statements concerning …” ; “Moving away from a focus on ….”)
  • In the conclusion you restate your thesis and shortly summarize your essay/point of view.