Alan Turing

Cloze Test: Read the text about Alan Turing, and choose the word which best fits each gap:


Nine facts ‘The Imitation Game’ got wrong about Alan Turing

a. Match words with definitions

b. Play the game and link titles with facts!

c. Read and discuss about: Nine facts ‘The Imitation Game’ got wrong about Alan Turing


The Stepford Wives – Film Review

a. After watching the movie discuss with your classmates and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think that Walter knew of what happened in Stepford before he decided to move there with his family? 
  2. Do you think some of the men were pushed into the process or did they all participate willingly? And Walter?
  3. Ira Levin wrote this story in 1975, when robots weren’t so advanced and often humanlike as they tend to be now.  Humanlike robots fulfilling our “every” need. Do you think we’re really heading the way described by Levin?
  4. Would you like living in Stepford? Why?

b. Write a film review. Follow these steps here


The origin of the word robot

a. After watching the video, write a 100 words paragraph about the origin of the word robot.


Robocop’, first police officer starts work

a. Listen and fill in the gaps:















b. Five-Speed Listening

c. Class discussion


What are the pros and the cons?

What are the pros and cons of these things being connected to the Internet?

Complete this table with your partner:


Early Networks