Speaking about IT – Information Technology

Work in groups:

  • Choose a topic related to the informatics field
  • Create audio files according to different topics (a topic for each group). At the end of your file, provide a final question to be answered by eTwinning students.
  • Be creative and upload your files here

Computer Games

a. Answer the following questions:

1. What are your favourite computer games? Why?
2. Do you have a favourite computer game soundtrack?
3. How many different game genres can you think of?

b. Imagine to create your own computer game:

Choose: title/genre/characters
Write: the plot/the game rules/the game description.
Be creative and upload your project idea here

c. Create an audio file and describe your computer game in details. Upload your file (Padlet).

Buying and Selling Devices

Have a look at this material and get prepared for the role-play and the web conferencing with our Spanish partner school:

Buying and Selling: Vocabulary

Cards: Speaking Activity

Speaking Activity: Pictures



Speaking characters


Homework: Create your own speaking characters and share with your eTwinning friends.

Suggested tool: http://www.voki.com