Introduction to Cryptography and Caesar Cipher

a. Read and discuss about the origins of cryptography:






b. How does the Caesar Cipher work?


Robocop’, first police officer starts work

a. Listen and fill in the gaps:















b. Five-Speed Listening

c. Class discussion


Life Simplified with Connected Devices

a. Watch the video and take notes:

b. How could your life be simplified with these connected devices? Is there a connected device (or more) that could make your life easier? Is there a device that you’d like to create? Write a paragraph. Follow these steps and connect your ideas.

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What is the World Wide Web?

a. Watch the video without subtitles.

b. Watch the video again and take notes.

c. Summarize the video in 10-15 sentences.


What is the future of the Internet?

a. Watch the video and take notes:

b. Share your notes with your partner and complete the video review 


5 of the Worst Computer Viruses Ever

a. Watch the video and take notes about five of the worst computer viruses of all time and how exactly they became so powerful.

b. Role Play: Work with your partners in small groups and imagine getting a computer virus attack. Tell about your stressful experience, use previous information and play your role!

c. Homework: write a 100 -140 words paragraph comparing the computer viruses described in the video.