The Most Popular Programming Languages

a. Read and listen here

b. Work in small groups (3-4 students). Discuss the following questions and take notes on your partners’ answers:

  • Which language of coding would you recommend to learn first?
  • Which programming languages do you want to learn? Why?
  • Computer languages such as FORTRAN and COBOL were once very popular, but not so much anymore. Why do you think they lost popularity?
  • Which languages in the top 10 do you think will drop in 10 years? Which one will gain in popularity?

c. Read about the Top Programming languages of 2017








d Role – Playing Activity: Work in small groups and imagine to have a conversation with an expert (or experts) who is the author of a very successful book: “The 10 top programming languages of the future”. Play your role!

e. Write (Homework) an opinion paragraph (100-140 words) and explain your point of view referring to the best programming languages to learn today.

5 of the Worst Computer Viruses Ever

a. Watch the video and take notes about five of the worst computer viruses of all time and how exactly they became so powerful.

b. Role Play: Work with your partners in small groups and imagine getting a computer virus attack. Tell about your stressful experience, use previous information and play your role!

c. Homework: write a 100 -140 words paragraph comparing the computer viruses described in the video.

Data Security

a. Watch the video and complete the online activities

b. Take notes of new words and update your word list

c. Complete the test

d. Read about key threats to data security and how keeping data secure (Don’t forget to update your word list!).

e. Write 5 questions in order to check your classmates’ understanding.

What is Cyber Crime? – Definition, Types and Examples

a. Read the text “What Is Cyber Crime? – Definition, Types and Examples”, check definitions, upload your word list and watch the video.

b. Pair work: read the text again, have a look at the list of cybercrimes and discuss these questions: Which crimes are the most dangerous? What measures can be taken by governments to stop cybercrime? Is our privacy in danger?

c. Write a detailed summary of your discussion and present it to the rest of the class.

A film review

Write a film review. Follow these steps:

  • Name of film
  • Setting (where does the story take place?)
  • What is the film about? (Describe the story in three or four sentences)
  • What did you especially like or dislike about the film?
  • Main characters (names; their attitudes to each other; their character traits)
  • Problem (what is the main problem that the story deals with?)
  • Events (the main things that happen; how the characters try to resolve the problem(s))
  • Would you recommend the film? Why?
  • Can you give the film a star rating?*

Everyday cybercrime and what you can do about it

a. Watch the video and take notes and/or write key words and sentences.

b. Share your opinion (and notes) with your partner. Watch the video again if you need (you are allowed to use your mobile). If you prefer you could also read the interactive transcript here.

c. Write a Video Review. Worksheet here

d. Answer the following questions: 1. Why should you ask yourself “Is this the information that I want to share? Would someone be able to abuse it?” – 2. How do criminals look like? – 3. Why did James Lyne pay one of these cybercriminals to attack his own website? – 4. How can we get infected?