Computer Games

a. Answer the following questions:

1. What are your favourite computer games? Why?
2. Do you have a favourite computer game soundtrack?
3. How many different game genres can you think of?

b. Imagine to create your own computer game:

Choose: title/genre/characters
Write: the plot/the game rules/the game description.
Be creative and upload your project idea here

c. Create an audio file and describe your computer game in details. Upload your file (Padlet).


Youth Manifesto for a Better Internet

  1. Describe your online activity and upload your picture here
  2. Read the Youth Manifesto for a Better Internet. What do you think? Write your comments here



3. Read also an example of Top 10 list of online rights and online responsibilities. LINK


4. Think about the principles of your own manifesto. Draw it and upload your picture here